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PO Box 2914, Ann Arbor, MI 48106
Tel: 734-761-8148


We are a media kitchen, preparing agar plates and fly food for research and teaching communities. We also sell supplies used in our productions.

Pre-Made Agar Plates Drosophila Food and Supplies Dry Media Powder Agarose
Bacteria Plates
Worm Plates
Yeast Plates
Ready-Made Fly Food
Fly Food Ingredients & Mixes
Vials, Bottles and Cardboard Trays
Dry Ingredients
Dry Mixes: Bacteria, Worm & Yeast

Agarose, For General Gel Electrophoresis
Agarose, for High Resolution of Small Fragments
Agarose, Low Melting

Flat $27 ground shipping rate for orders > $200

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